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3D-CAD Design

Change to 3D CAD design without printed drawings, the future.
The technical drawing as a product of the CAD design is obsolete in many cases. Nevertheless, it is rarely waived. The most important result of a 3D CAD design is the record. With the 3D data alone, the product can be produced as part of pattern, prototype or series production. Progressive companies are working in the manufacturing process without actually drawing them to process the data, and use only a pictorial representation of the product for identification.

The technical drawing gives only in the production safety in the control. Mass and tolerances can be easily verified on the basis of technical drawings. In quality assurance, all drawing mass are checked and recorded in measurement reports. Otherwise arise here, however, have often made mistakes. The process of release for series production are discussed again and adjusted.

Parametric 3D CAD systems
In high-quality 3D CAD systems, the models are constructed parametrically so that they can be changed by changing individual parameters.
Sample Video Silo

A sample for the application of Excel Paramter to control an Inventor 3D Model. The Silo model is used for plant design.
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