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S Technology; your Experts for 2D-CAD, 3D-CAD services in the fields of engineering, plant design, piping, dust extraction, automation.  Contact us now using our contact form, have a look at the summary of our services CAD Service.

Your Experts for Visualisation, Animation, CAD 3D!
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Your tasks

Product development
CAD design

Computation and Simulation

CAD drawing

CAD Documentation
All data and documents will be created and delivered in German or English language.

We are working with the latest products from the Autodesk Product Design Suite 2013 and all of its ancestors (Autocad, Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, 3DSmax ...)
In the design process, we are your partner in the process steps 2 to 5, where we can qualify to perform tasks for you that.
You can focus on your main tasks and resources you time intensive activities in engineering and technical drawing at us as a service provider.

How we work:
during the first project, we create a manual / guideline in which we define all basics, like
- Drawing formats
- Formatting (font, Schiftgröße, dimensions ...)
- Logical structure of drawings

The instructions will be discussed with you and completed to build a basis for all future work that we perform for you. If you have already a design guideline available, you can provide this document or the important extracts to S Technology Inc..
With Autodesk Subscription, we are with all current and previous versions of the Premium Package "Product Design Suite" equipped. This puts us in the position with you to support more than just the simple CAD design.
Send us today a test project at fix cost!