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S Technology; your Experts for 2D-CAD, 3D-CAD services in the fields of engineering, plant design, piping, dust extraction, automation.  Contact us now using our contact form, have a look at the summary of our services CAD Service.

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The success of S Technology is relatively easy to explain: We inspire with convincing performances.

We do not compromise, with a high degree of flexibility, current tools and personalized service, we create partnerships that work in the long term.

This claim requires all employees to be on board. Our markets are changing at breakneck speed, we stay on track with training, training for our employees.

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2006 - 2009
S-TECHNOLOGY supperted and consultated the setup of a production company for safety vaults. The Core business is 2D/3D CAD design.

S-TECHNOLOGY transfers office from the city to a more country site location. In this clean and green environment the positive development continues. On an area of 1 ha a creative CAD design services center is founded.

New clients and the fruitful cooperation with existing clients and partner through sustained standards in quality, reliability, and schedules.

In the year 2011
S-TECHNOLOGY can provide 20.000 CAD Design hours.

The main Focus of
S-TECHNOLOGY is the support for partner and clients in their projects through 3D modelling and 2D drafting using different tools.

S-TECHNOLOGY expands further. Customer relations are build to European Companies. Our focus is mainly 2D 3D documentation, drafting and modelling.